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Airone Fernandez

Second year college student, From Baler, Aurora. Part time Photo editor and Video Editor online. Content Creator on YouTube and a Streamer on different online platforms. Owner and the creator of @AIR ONE YouTube Channel.

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What I Do

Skills & Hobbies

Video/Photo Editing



Games/Watching Movies/Anime

Video/Photo Editing 90%
Photography 90%
Guitar/Reading 70%
Games/Watching Movies/Anime 80%

More About Me:

I'm 20 years old. Born and raised here in Baler, Aurora. My birthday is October 10, 2001. A Second year college student on ASCOT. I want to learn more about technology and computers and also learn how to code. I want to be a game developer and make my very own game and i also just like pretty much everything about computers, so there's that, My parents actually don't want me to take BSIT course at first, but after all of the things that happened on the previous year, they eventually just started to accept and support my decisions.

  Video/Photo Editor

I started editing when i was 16, either editing photos or videos mostly for myself, neighbors who requested and a few people online from different parts of the world that pays me money. Just using my phone, i was able to create and share my visuals.

  Content Creator

I created my own youtube channel in order to showcase what i can do in terms of video editing. Just previously i finally started getting recognized online due to my works and im just so happy that many people actually liked them. .


Also started streaming on omlet arcade and other platforms and it's been great so far. Still working on how to get more people to watch my streams and videos but i'm getting there. I know it.

Recent Video Edits

Sample Video #1

Short clip of my recent music visualizer. Made only using my phone.

Sample Video #2

Short clip of my recent music visualizer. Made only using my phone.